Pipeline Integrity Services

Pipeworx specializes in Pipeline Excavation

Over 24 years in the integrity business means that our team has executed a wide variety of integrity solutions, including some of the toughest digs in Western Canada.

We remain on schedule and within budget due to our teams’ extensive and diverse industry experience. We are equipped to complete various project types, overcome project constraints, and work in both urban and rural areas.

Ask us about our innovative solutions to minimize outages when every minute matters.


  • Pipeline Integrity Project Management
  • Correlation & Verification Pipeline Integrity Digs (2”- 24”)
  • Nitrogen Purge, Pipeline Repair & Cut-Out Programs (2”- 24”)
  • Pipeline Sleeve (Welded) & Clock Spring Installations (2”- 24”)
  • Pipeline Hydrostatic Retests (2”- 24”)
  • Pipeline Rerouting
  • Valve Installations
  • Anomaly Digs and Corrosion Mitigation
  • Pipeline Abandonments (2”- 24”)
  • Pipe in Pipe Cut-Outs
  • Pipeline Class Upgrades
  • Emergency Repair Service

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